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  • Most recent honors include a 100 percent rating on the Human Rights Council 2018 Corporate Equality Index and the Diversity Leadership Alliance award for inclusivity University of Phoenix has long been dedicated to promoting a diverse and inclusive .

  • Is most unfortunate to see Fitzgerald continue in league, but not surprising as with most people who hold degree from University of Phoenix, is likely that Fitzgerald has to continue playing as he cannot afford to retire.

  • Produced for University of Phoenix - University of Phoenix Survey Finds Almost Half of Americans have Experienced a Personal Data Breach Cybersecurity.

  • The University of Phoenix probably wishes the students were just cutting class.

  • KALAMAZOO, MI – About 190 University of Phoenix students will be among the last to attend face-to-face classes in Portage at the for-profit university, which is phasing out nearly all of its Michigan locations.

  • The Pentagon has temporarily barred the University of Phoenix from recruiting students at U.

  • Today, the University of Phoenix's owner, Apollo Education Group, announced a $1.

  • The NCAA is an organization full of hypocrisies.

  • The University of Phoenix, once the largest for-profit chain in the country, is stopping in-person enrollment at more than 20 campuses and learning centers around the nation.

  • The University of Phoenix, after five years of sharply declining enrollment, is preparing for a dramatically downsized near-term future, with thousands fewer students and a smaller footprint in the for-profit education industry.