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  • Councillors claimed it was a "pathetic attempt at public manipulation" as a petition launched by a Greasby activist gets over 60,000 signatures .

  • Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg has said he would welcome shale gas fracking in his back garden after a ban on the contentious process was lifted.

  • Few in Somerset MP’s constituency share his enthusiasm but some do agree with need for ‘unpopular measures’ .

  • Fracking in the UK has a difficult history – economic theory suggests that whether fracking should occur is a simple case of consent and compensation.

  • Its oil-and-gas companies developed fracking in the 1940s as a means to improve the flow in wells.

  • The fracking boom in the U.

  • Practical snippets from the lives of giants who have worked in fracking – not for years but for decades.

  • Instead, I want to look at what this decision means on a symbolic level.

  • John Fetterman gives Democrats what is perhaps their best chance this November to flip a red seat blue and help them hold on to the Senate.

  • The fracking boom was the money maker in Microseismic's early days, but the science and geological uses have evolved in surprising ways.

  • Fracking may offer some contribution to Britain’s energy supply, but the benefits won’t be felt for some time and won’t be the revolution proponents once hoped.