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  • When Pascale Duguay asked her grandmother for the quarter she always gave, Duguay's mother was mortified.

  • The 37-year-old says she wishes she had spoken about her upbringing sooner after revealing her father’s violent behaviour in her autobiography.

  • There is a new resource intended to help society understand how gender identity is influenced by childhood experiences.

  • A local family is fighting to keep their special needs brother in the only home he’s ever known.

  • Actor Mark Wahlberg's childhood home in a Boston neighborhood was damaged by a fire early Sunday morning with more than 120 firefighters responding to the scene.

  • British artist Sam Cox has covered his entire home in Kent in doodles, raising eyebrows and interest globally.

  • While our copycat recipe doesn't make the shake healthier, the substitution of your favorite sugar-free ice cream or this one made from dates can cut the sugar.

  • The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson detailed his childhood and his relationship with his father.

  • Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow announced the launch of his nonprofit, The Joe Burrow Foundation, which will address food insecurity and childhood mental health in underprivileged families .

  • The Greenwich, Connecticut house where Carbonell, who played Richard Alpert on the hit ABC TV series, grew up is looking for a new owner.

  • Sam Cox, known popularly as Mr Doodle, spent three years drawing on everything from his bathtub to his toilet and even his stovetop — which now he is unsure is workable anymore due to his passion .

  • The Cape Town Museum of Childhood celebrated its first anniversary on Saturday, 1 October.