News related to year round schooling


Because your opinion matters

  • The Hillsborough County School Board plans to approve certified athletic trainers to work year-round in all high schools at their Tuesday meeting.

  • There are a few good reasons, in my opinion, why year-round school would not be a good idea in the Allentown School District.

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  • TAMPA, Fla.

  • The Philadelphia charter school is a year-round school, and some students said they were excited to hit the books again.

  • As students head back to school, the learning process continues at home long after the school dismissal bell.

  • that will support kids year-round.

  • County roads are typically busy year-round, but the school year brings increased activity during the morning and afternoon school transportation times.

  • The school is run by the Newbridge Trust .

  • Fines are doubled in school zones and tickets could be up to $300.

  • Even without the extra school traffic on the streets, roadwork seems 24/7 and year-round here.

  • While this is back-to-school season for many traditional students, CC Prep is a year-round school, said Spinner.