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  • Though the transplant at first appeared successful, the recipient of the pig heart passed away two months post-surgery.

  • Back to Healio Researchers are calling for the creation of a comprehensive framework to address current barriers to xenotransplantation in clinical practice, including issues of rejection .

  • The first pig-to-human heart transplantation performed earlier this year fundamentally changed the field, yet several ongoing barriers stand in the way of xenotransplantation becoming routine, experts .

  • This operation was just one of a series of medical breakthroughs that have renewed interest in the field of xenotransplantation.

  • Baltimore – Der Patient, dem an einer US-Klinik als weltweit erstem Menschen im Januar das Herz eines genetisch modifizierten Schweins implantiert wurde, ist.

  • This paper describes existing ethical tensions in xenotransplantation (XTx) that argue against pursuing it.

  • We thank the laboratory and clinical staff for their contribution to this case, referred to here as the University of Maryland Cardiac Xenotransplantation Working Group: members of the laboratory .

  • If future investigations confirm a broad distribution of XMRV and its association with disease, this would have an impact on xenotransplantation of porcine tissues and organs.

  • Several lines of inquiry remain for why the recipient of the world's first pig-to-human heart xenotransplantation died 2 months later.

  • Die Geschichte des Mädchens gelangte unter der Bezeichnung Baby Fae an die Öffentlichkeit und ist bis heute ein populärer Fall der Xenotransplantation.