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  • Researchers from Meiji University and Kyoto Prefectural University claim that they have used xenotransplantation and have adhered to the guidelines to make an animal whose organs will be used to transplant into humans.

  • According to the team, which includes researchers from Meiji University and Kyoto Prefectural University, the animal is the first to be developed for transplantation based on national guidelines for xenotransplantation, in which animal organs and cells are .

  • The first known xenotransplantation was done by the god Shiva.

  • Some challenges, including major ethical objections still remain, but experts said the breakthrough is a significant step towards pig-to-man transplants, also known as xenotransplantation.

  • But decades of scientific setbacks have kept clinical trials of that approach, called xenotransplantation, on the horizon.

  • eGenesis, a biotechnology company focused on transforming xenotransplantation into a lifesaving medical procedure, announced the publication of a study in the journal Science by eGenesis scientists and their collaborators demonstrating the inactivation of .

  • As the year draws to a close, UAB News looks back at some of the top stories of 2016.

  • The success behind the beating pig heart inside the body of a live baboon for 945 days could help address global organ shortages.

  • The science behind it all One of Rothblatt’s organ manufacturing strategies is xenotransplantation, the idea of transplanting an animal’s organs into humans who need a replacement.

  • Board Certified as a chaplain through the Association of Professional Chaplains, he is co-author most recently of Jewish, Christian and Muslim Perspectives about Xenotransplantation which is set for publication in a forthcoming edition of the Journal of .