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  • Former X Factor contestant Katie Waissel has claimed her mental health was mocked by the show's staff during her time on the series.

  • The singer claims her mental health was mocked by staff in emails during her time on the show.

  • But the rookie finished with 15 points, shooting 7-of-8 from the field in a Nuggets victory over the Heat in Game 3.

  • Former X Factor hopeful Katie Waissel has slammed the globally-renowned talent show, claiming that her mental health was mocked during her time as a contestant.

  • Former X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson has claimed ITV "refused" her request to investigate allegations of mistreatment towards contestants on reality shows.

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  • British singer Rebecca Ferguson has revealed that ITV refused to conduct an internal investigation following her claims about a “traumatic experience” on “The X Factor” in 2010.

  • The former country singer was arrested and charged on Thursday over the alleged murder in 2018 .

  • Rebecca Ferguson, a former runner-up on The X Factor, has criticized ITV after the UK broadcaster failed to investigate her “traumatic” experience on the Simon Cowell entertainment .

  • Rebecca Ferguson has brought a private complaint about The X Factor she lodged with broadcast watchdog Ofcom to public attention.

  • The Women's College World Series can be stressful.

  • Getty Bears head coach Matt Eberflus could still get an 'X-factor' for his 2023 defense.