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  • The weapons have a long and blood history in warfare, dating from when they were dropped from planes in WW1.

  • Recognising Ireland’s fraught relationship with the Great War, the design seeks to strike a neutral and inclusive tone, backers say.

  • The Scharnhorst was discovered on the third day of the Seabed Constructor's search 98 nautical miles southeast of the Falkland Islands at a depth of 1610 meters.

  • WW1 FPS Isonzo only launched a couple of days ago, but developer Blackmill Games has already charted a course for the title's future content, which includes both free and paid expansions .

  • BlackMill Games and Focus Entertainment are very pleased to announce the agreement for the acquisition of M2H's majority stake in WW1 Game Series B.

  • The week's releases include a knotty, off-beat period mystery, a Plantagenet king buried in a car park, and a female African warrior .

  • The organisers behind a service this Sunday are in a race against time to remove graffiti from a war memorial along Ballarat's Avenue of Honour.

  • Isonzo walks a fine line between simulation and videogamey convenience.

  • Focus Entertainment has added another studio to its growing group with the acquisition of BlackMill Games, known for its WW1 Game Series first-person shooters.