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  • TOMMY Robinson has called for Julian Assange to be freed after claiming he spoke to the WikiLeaks founder while at Belmarsh Prison.

  • Tommy Robinson has announced his support for Julian Assange after being freed from prison.

  • British class justice was on full display last Friday, as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was detained indefinitely at Belmarsh prison, beyond the completion of his sentence, while fascist leader .

  • Photographer: Tayfun Salci/Getty Images Photographer: Tayfun Salci/Getty Images Swedish law-enforcement officials investigating rape allegations against Julian Assange will decide whether to revive .

  • Pamela Anderson stopped by ABC’s “The View” Friday and defended WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange from Meghan McCain, who called him a “cyber-terrorist,” and Joy Behar, who questioned if he supports President .

  • WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange is to stay in prison after his current custody period ends because of his “history of absconding”.

  • London: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will remain in prison even when his jail term ends because of his “history of absconding”, a judge ruled on Friday.

  • A Dutch WikiLeaks associate who went missing under mysterious circumstances a year ago probably had a kayaking accident, Norwegian police said, adding that his body has not yet been found.

  • The pair got into a heated discussion on Friday's episode of 'The View.

  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is currently locked up in a UK high-security prison.

  • Julian Assange has been told he will stay in prison after the custody period finishes on his current jail term because of his “history of absconding”.