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  • Two Amazon customers who purchased 27 gallon plastic storage bins earlier this year were surprised to find their UPS delivery weighed 93.

  • Amazon is doing what it can to revive the old “Florida” story tag, shipping 65 pounds of weed to an unsuspecting Orlando couple along with their empty plastic bins.

  • The devastating Northern California wildfires couldn't have come at a worse time for the area's cannabis farms CannaCraft, a Northern California cannabis company, lost at least $1 million worth of marijuana in the fires.

  • Cardi B said that she doesn't even "talk about smoking weed" because "everybody knows that I do not smoke weed; I get very paranoid.

  • Imagine how much Amazon Prime subscription numbers would soar if each order came with 65 pounds of weed, at no additional charge.

  • Cardi B reportedly had another unwarranted run-in with law enforcement officials.

  • It's a controversial time these days to be a member of the Love & Hip Hop community.

  • CIITECH, a UK-Israel cannabis biotech startup that seeks to develop and commercialize therapeutic cannabis products, said it would fund a research project together with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to find ways to use cannabis for the treatment of .

  • Rapper Cardi B had one hell of a weekend.

  • Monsanto Co.