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  • North's method of justifying his acts of deception is a form of moral reasoning that is called "utilitarianism.

  • The great attraction of Benthamite utilitarianism is that it seems to appeal to common sense in that most people think that happiness is the main aim in life and, in addition, it is often held to .

  • A scholarly look at how badly we treat other species employs moral principles to shame us into acknowledging their rights .

  • Zhuangzi was the gadfly of ancient Chinese philosophy.

  • During the twentieth century many different versions of utilitarianism have been proposed.

  • Goodin, Robert E.

  • Concerns about graduates’ preparedness for an increasingly tech-savvy job market and the relevance of the liberal arts for an evolving workforce converged at the meeting of the Council of Independent .

  • What goes down on the runways tends to get the most attention during Fashion Week, but we’re particularly interested in what all of the fashion set is wearing outside the venues—a.

  • SBF is deeply influenced by effective altruism, which comes with a hefty dose of utilitarianism.

  • Japan's RPG masterpieces.

  • Mooney, Gavin 1998.

  • From October 29th to November 9th 2022,"Pursuing Dreams with a Pure Heart - Han Yuchen Oil on Canvas Collection" was opened to public .