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  • A majority of Oregonians could favor universal health care provided by the state, even if it requires a new tax to pay for it, according to a poll released last week.

  • The order is part of a growing movement on the federal level to increase transparency in health care.

  • The smallpox virus hopscotched across the post-Civil War South, invading the makeshift camps where many thousands of newly freed African-Americans had taken refuge but leaving surrounding white .

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  • The United States is one of only a handful of wealthy, developed nations that does not have universal health care.

  • "Our doors are open to any individual needing care," he wrote .

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  • But the California senator has shifted her stance on universal health care several times since becoming a presidential candidate, reflecting her ongoing struggle to triangulate a position between the .

  • New York Mayor and Democratic presidential hopeful Bill de Blasio has said all undocumented New Yorkers should receive health care.

  • Our health care system is incredibly inefficient, with high costs and poor outcomes.

  • A majority of Oregon voters in a new poll said they would consider paying a new health care tax to fund universal care and replace the current health care system.

  • As it turns out, Trump called LaPierre back Tuesday and assured him that universal background checks .