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  • It will continue coverage following the State of the Union, with Republican response from Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and additional network analysis and coverage until 11 p.

  • The following is the full text of President Obama's 2010 State of the Union address, as prepared for delivery and released by the White House: Madame Speaker, Vice President Biden, Members of .

  • Both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party chief and Union minister Amit Shah are in the state.

  • President Donald Trump addressed a sharply divided Congress and millions of Americans Tuesday night in his first State of the Union speech, reports Pat Kessler (5:11).

  • Senator Lamar Alexander released the following statement after President Obama’s annual State of the Union address: “Unfortunately, much of what I heard from President Obama tonight are .

  • President Joe Biden confronted a number of issues during his first State of the Union address on March 1, from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

  • WASHINGTON (CN) – President Donald Trump made a major announcement during his State of the Union address Tuesday night, saying the prison at Guantanamo Bay will stay open, adding to an increasingly .

  • The brute fact of the state of our union is alarming! According to Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, the underlying cause of our national strife is not hard to detect — a lawless, selfish grab .

  • A new OPS teacher, who received the paid stipend to student teach, said he's ready to help fill the shortage of teachers.

  • New efforts to increase revenue, build housing and bring back community events are among the top priorities for National City next year, said Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis in her State of the City .

  • Tudu has alleged that the Mayurbhanj district administration and State Government have deliberately held up the Local Area Development funds to defame him.

  • President Donald Trump is set to deliver his first State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday evening, where he is expected to discuss proposals on trade, infrastructure and .