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  • The case, about a North Carolina voting map, has the potential to amplify the influence of state lawmakers over federal elections.

  • The departments of labor and related agencies have been affected in at least nine states, as well as Washington, D.

  • CT has filled its empty secretary of state role for the next six months.

  • Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito called the question at issue in the North Carolina election law case one "of great national importance.

  • The repeal of Indiana’s requirement for a permit to carry a handgun in public has forced police agencies to change how they handle encounters with armed people.

  • Nation’s highest court to hear North Carolina case seeking to remove state courts’ oversight of elections for federal office .

  • The Supreme Court announced Thursday it will hear a case this fall that could upend state election laws across the country.

  • Here are Penn State's all-time rushing touchdown leaders heading into 2022.

  • The next player is Penn State defensive end Zuriah Fisher.

  • The US Supreme Court on June 24 struck down Roe v.

  • The case could diminish the power of state courts to order changes to rules for federal elections approved by state lawmakers.

  • The U.