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  • Your Social Security number is probably one of the few long numbers you can recite off the top of your head.

  • I am a fish in a tank,” says Ventus Lau, one of 47 pro-democracy figures in Hong Kong facing possible life in prison.

  • ULA is set to launch its Atlas V rocket with payloads for the U.

  • There are growing concerns in America's heartland over a 300-acre plot of farmland bought by a company with ties to China.

  • Social Security's trust funds are expected to run dry by 2035.

  • A recent MassMutual poll given to people near or in retirement shows many have some brushing up to do on the program's rules.

  • M ost people don't think of their future Social Security benefits as an asset or an investment.

  • Millions of U.

  • If you have doubts about your health holding up, delaying filing for Social Security could leave you with less lifetime income.

  • NBC News is not naming the author of this piece to protect their security and that of their family.