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  • Although Donna Jean Maruschak was a quiet person, those who have known her, and who have worked closely with her have described her as influential and always in the background making everything .

  • Conversation with a trailblazer On the podcast "Looped In," Jackie Cooper - whose trailblazing career was recently recognized when the Houston Black Real Estate Association created an award in her .

  • Uzbekistan will hold a presidential election.

  • Persistent concerns about the first new Alzheimer’s treatment in more than 20 years are curbing access more than four months after regulators approved it.

  • ARE YOU struggling to get your kids to listen and be quiet when you ask them to? Feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing works? Well, one millennial mum from London has shared her genius .

  • Traditionally, presidents have picked former prosecutors and corporate lawyers for top judgeships.

  • Thirty to 40 people attacked activists Anita Sangma and Agnes Kharshiing after they took pictures of coal-laden trucks on November 8, 2018.

  • The first new Alzheimer’s treatment in more than 20 years was hailed as a breakthrough when regulators approved it more than four months ago, but its rollout has been slowed by questions about its .

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  • A little over four months after launching its first oil shipment from the Texas Gulf Coast, Max Midstream appears to be sailing in hot water.

  • GABBY Petito’s parents say they were fooled by “quiet and polite” Brian Laundrie into believing he would “take care of her” during the couple’s ill-fated road .

  • Columbus-based artist Christopher Burk aims to push the boundaries of landscape painting in his new exhibition, “Quiet Settling.