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  • And if you read the stories about the characters referenced above, you'll quickly find that polygamy was an unmitigated sociological disaster that created heartbreak and sowed familial discord.

  • Polygamy is now effectively decriminalized in Utah.

  • NEW DELHI: A Delhi Minorities Commission survey has found there is no prevalence of polygamy and instant triple talaq in North-East Delhi -- the most populous district which also houses the .

  • Just a few miles north of Boston is the town of Somerville, Massachusetts — its residents number about 79,000.

  • Beyond its exotic subject is a protest complete with placards in that the profound Shorts questions the double standard approach to polygamy embraced within these shores.

  • He spoke out, boasted of his lifestyle on TV and forced the state into its first polygamy trial in almost 50 years, something it could have done without just nine months before it is due to stage .

  • During the height of a national crackdown on polygamy, she was forced to flee with her first child to England on the ‘Mormon Underground’ to avoid court testimony against her husband and other Mormon .

  • As Sister Wives fans know, Kody Brown’s ongoing interest in moving all of his wives and their children under one roof has been a major sticking point for the polygamist family.

  • The district administration has taken cognisance of the matter.

  • After a man in Madhya Pradesh’s Betul married both his girlfriend and the bride chosen by his parents, Ghoradongri Tehsildar Monika Vishwakarma said that ‘polygamy’ is a criminal offence .