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  • Join DiDi Delgado for an “Evening of Rhythm, Rhymes, and Reparations!” June 18.

  • On Friday, the non-profit teamed up with Garden City Elementary for a poetry festival after losing their classmate, Vanity Cabrera last month in a car crash.

  • "Mom's Poetry" started as a legacy for author Kathleen Dunleavy's children with prayer-poems which she has been writing for about 20 years for her .

  • Now that’s a strange way to lead to this next line, but here goes: April is National Poetry Month.

  • He is remembered as one of the greatest poets of his generation.

  • Briella Doherty, an eighth-grader at St.

  • Debby Williamson, who resides in Northeast Ohio, has completed her new book "My Liberation: A Book of Poetry": a meaningful and impactful collection of poetry that takes readers into the author's soul .

  • April was National Poetry Month and to celebrate Robson Community College’s English Department and the Friends of the Arts sponsored the Ninth Annual Poetry Contest.

  • Writer and editor Deborah Joy Corey, in the preface to a new book of essays she co-edited with Debra Spark, writes that the phrase “food insecurity” doesn’t get to the heart of what it is to feel .

  • Dr.

  • In this episode of "Mastering Chinese Poetry," CGTN shares with you the poem "The Small Pond," which was written by Yang Wanli, a famous Chinese poet during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD).

  • WTOP’s Brennan Haselton is joined by Neighborhood Restaurant Group Beer Director and Food and Wine Sommelier of the Year Greg Engert to talk about Other Half Poetry Snaps Rice Lager for the latest .