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  • Alabama poet laureate Ashley M.

  • After discovering that he wasn't able to apply to many poetry contests as a DACA recipient, Marcelo Castillo co-founded Undocupoets to help other undocumented poets get published.

  • Dean Young’s work was humorous, heartbreaking, and deeply influential in the field of contemporary poetry, and it continues to inspire people even after his death.

  • DOVER — All this week, you can drop off your gently used costumes to the Dover Public Library.

  • Lederer on Language.

  • There is, of course, no hidden chapter in the “Good Book” that explores sandaled Jesus’ fashion rules, but Cornelius Eady in “Easter Shoes” is being funny and deadly serious.

  • The First Time I Wore Hearing Aids aims to make sound more inclusive for listeners by broadening the way in which we experience it.

  • These are high school students giving voice and passion to poetry; this is Poetry Out Loud.

  • I almost never choose one of my own poems for this column.

  • With his empowering collection of poetry, Bill McDonald shares over five decades of experience as an engineer and scientist to show readers that no matter their circumstances, everyone can lead a full .

  • Inspired by historical people and events, and with no shortage of imagination, Webster's poetry collection takes you on a journey looking at the world through the lens of others' perspective.