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  • It seems unlikely, due to the difficulties of crafting one and enforcing it, that a plea bargain can stop former President Donald Trump from running for or holding the presidency.

  • Heather Finley's plea deal calls for a four-year prison sentence.

  • His whole life, his mother said, Kevin Cummings was “like a pitbull”: focused, driven and always latching onto the things he wanted.

  • Stephen Schulz is just one of many convicted by a legal system more committed to conviction rates and clearing dockets than to a search for truth.

  • The family of a South Fayette woman brutally murdered by her son is asking an Allegheny County judge to rescind a plea bargain that would eventually set him free.

  • A man who was accused of firing shots at another man on Love Lane in Manchester in a marijuana deal that became a robbery has accepted a plea bargain and been convicted only of a much lesser felony .

  • Four defendants, one of whom is a former police officer, faced charges ranging from murder to reckless conduct.

  • ISLAMABAD: PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday withdrew his petition seeking acquittal in a corruption reference related to suspicious transaction of Rs8.

  • A "consent decree" is really nothing more than a plea bargain.

  • Please, I’m begging you.

  • A former Endicott karate instructor has turned down a plea bargain to settle charges that he tried hire someone to burn down the home of his children’s grandparents.

  • Pope Francis implored the Russian leader to end the 'spiral of violence and death' he began in February in Ukraine.