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  • The Duke of York's legal team will be concerned about his long time friend Ghislaine Maxwell entering into a plea deal after her arrest by the FBI, experts tell Newsweek.

  • The federal government Thursday said that the mechanism of a plea bargain if well deployed is capable of fast-tracking the return of stolen assets to the nation.

  • Ciara Williams said she stabbed boyfriend Dennis Power to death because “I thought he was just going to beat me up, like he always does.

  • Laura Goldman told the BBC that Maxwell felt a loyalty to the Duke of York, who faces pressure to reveal what he knew about the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

  • While Roger Brock wants to see him convicted, he wants it to come from a jury trial, not a plea bargain.

  • But Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert told me this week that the governor’s moratorium “played no role” in how she and the other elected prosecutors chose to handle the .

  • Forty years after a sadistic suburban rapist terrorized Northern California neighborhoods in what investigators later realized were a series of linked assaults and slayings, 74-year-old former police .

  • She has been charged with aiding Epstein's sexual exploitation of young girls - some of whom were underage.

  • Daniel Kaffee and Lt.

  • A Utah man pleaded guilty to aggravated murder Wednesday in the 2018 death of a 15-year-old girl, admitting he killed her in her Salt Lake home after she broke up with him and planned to report him to .

  • Joseph James DeAngelo Jr.

  • National seafarers body NUSI on Monday sought some welfare measures, including provision for gratuity, expediting the process for contributory annuity and priority in modes of travel, for the seamen .