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  • Flock Theatre’s summer of outdoor theater rolls out with a new production.

  • WESTERLY — Westerly Library and Wilcox Park is more than living up to its mission to "enrich lives by stimulating intellect and sparking imagination through access to literature, information, nature, .

  • It's so close that the man's wife shoos the sisters out of her house with a broom.

  • Among the three ancient Greek tragedians, Sophocles is the most famous, and his work is studied by Literature and Drama majors all over the world Drishtipat Natyadal staged an adaptation of “Oedipus .

  • Sophocles' Oedipus Rex is a well-known play that tells the tale of Oedipus, a former king of Thebes.

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  • The Fimonoi Theater Group will present Oedipus Rex at Athiniais Theatre Athens every Thursday from May 30- Sept.

  • The play Oedipus rex by Sophocles, and as well as the short story a good man is hard to find by Flannery O'Connor have very similar key elements throughout the development of their stories.

  • From “Oedipus Rex’’ to “Hamlet’’ to “Death of a Salesman’’ to contemporary plays like David Lindsay-Abaire’s Pulitzer-winning “Rabbit Hole,’’ the stage has functioned as a crucible for the .

  • Elaine Reichek, “Oedipus Rex” (2019), hand embroidery on linen, 23.

  • Catharsis is the release or purging of emotions through art that allows the person experiencing it to be renewed.