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  • North Korea has recorded more than two million Covid cases.

  • South Korea-based analysts who have been closely monitoring the North for the last few decades suggest that the tally revealed by the reclusive regime each day may not be accurate .

  • At 9:30 a.

  • North Korea said on Friday it was achieving "good results" in its fight against its first confirmed COVID-19 outbreak, as the number of people with fever symptoms rose past 2 million.

  • North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un is pulling out all the stops to combat a massive COVID-19 outbreak that could force the reclusive state to open up to external assistance.

  • The White House has been bracing itself for a "genuine possibility" there will be either a missile test or a nuclear test during Biden's first visit to Asia as president.

  • As Biden arrived to tout deals for American jobs, North Korea was poised for a nuclear weapons test and China launched military exercises.