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  • Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the first publication of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  • Two years ago, for the 50th anniversary of the Birmingham Campaign, AL.

  • Four days earlier, on April 12, King and nearly 50 other protestors and civil rights leaders (including Ralph Abernathy and Fred Shuttlesworth) had been arrested after leading a Good Friday demonstration as part of the Birmingham Campaign, designed to .

  • Fifty years later, these eight simple, yet powerful words are what many remember from Rev.

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  • The event was sponsored by the Birmingham Public Library.

  • Fifty years ago this month, Martin Luther King Jr.

  • To observe Martin Luther King Day, read his classic “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.

  • King's famous letter, published in The Atlantic as "The Negro Is Your Brother" several months after its original writing, was written in response to a public statement of concern and caution issued by eight white religious leaders of the South.