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  • The Kyoto Protocol’s first commitment period ran from 2008 until 2012.

  • The United States has formally withdrawn from the 1997 Kyoto Protocol; other key nations are facing difficulty in meeting their Kyoto commitments; and developing countries face no limit on their .

  • Polish President Andrzej Duda is sending a strong signal that business as usual is over when it comes to his country's climate policy — vetoing an extension of the 1997 Kyoto climate protocol as his .

  • A leading Australian environmentalist has argued that Australia - which has one of the highest per capita carbon emission rates in the world - should ratify the Kyoto Protocol because this would .

  • Previous agreements for climate change, such as the Kyoto Protocol were not adequate for mobilising global action, which is the only way to protect and restore the environment.

  • The package of accords extended the Kyoto Protocol, the only global pact that enforces carbon cuts, agreed the format of a fund to help poor countries tackle climate change and mapped out a path .

  • Key to the foundation of carbon credits was the Kyoto Protocol of 1977.

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  • Each Party included in Annex I to the Convention must submit an annual inventory of emissions and removals of greenhouse gases for all years from the base year (or period) to two years before the .

  • As The Hague's international climate summit on the Kyoto Protocol begins, Australia's position, emphasising flexibility, is certain to conflict with that of European and low-lying island states.

  • There is no known cure.

  • The Paris Agreement builds upon past efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, 1997 Kyoto Protocol, the 2009 Copenhagen Accord (which set up the Green Climate Fund) .