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  • Katy Perry jumpstarts a fan's career in fashion with this cool dress Katy Perry fell in love with a fan's fashion designs and told all of her followers about it.

  • Katy Perry got her 15 minutes of fame this weekend .

  • Katy Perry’s 33rd birthday is Oct.

  • Honeymoon season kicking off on the right note! Katy Perry continued her pattern of crashing weddings over the weekend when she made a surprise appearance at the nuptials of one St.

  • Katy Perry made some teenage dreams come true when she crashed a wedding with some members of her touring crew this weekend.

  • Katy Perry has been making headlines with her current Witness Tour and the latest dispatch from the road proves that her behind-the-scenes antics are just as entertaining as her onstage performances.

  • An extra guest at the wedding is the stuff of bridal nightmares.

  • Katy Perry had a small malfunction during her concert in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday when she got stuck suspended in the air in front of a massive crowd.

  • No bride wants a wedding crasher.

  • Stray guests are every bride's nightmare but one went out of her way to accommodate a straggler over the past weekend.