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  • Exhibits 1, 2 and 3, the USSR, Venezuela and North Korea, but I could go on.

  • Costumed tour guides in Trier, including an impersonator of Jenny von Westphalen, Karl Marx’s editor and wife.

  • (Lion was the husband of a woman who had married Heinrich Marx, Karl’s father.

  • Suddenly you couldn’t swing a cat in Brooklyn without sending it through a chapter meeting of the Democratic Socialists of America or tweet a joke about Karl Marx without getting a very serious .

  • If you don’t tow a progressive political line at many local high schools, life can be tough.

  • Last year, 2018, was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx in the town of Trier, Germany, and in commemoration of that event, the government of China gave a 15-foot statue of Marx to the .

  • A libertarian high school student was surprised to see that his photo had been left out of his high school yearbook, while Communist ideologue Karl Max’s had made it in.

  • The world appears to be growing more homogeneous, but people have said that since Karl Marx started talking about globalization in 1848.

  • Every revolutionary needs a signature drink.

  • In a photo collage featuring current South Whidbey High School students in the sophomore section of the yearbook, a portrait of Karl Marx appears with no caption or explanation.

  • De omnibus dubitandum—doubt everything—was Karl Marx’s motto and should be the motto of every thinking person.

  • (Karl Marx—Critique of Political Economy) If we think mechanically, it would seem that Andaiye’s life is an open contradiction to this maxim.