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  • A new clip published to YouTube gives a hands-on view of a rare "Death Star" iPhone 4 prototype, which features a number of differences than the production model.

  • A class action lawsuit against Apple concerning sleep/wake button issues with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 is going to be heard in a Californian court, with the lawyers bringing the .

  • Photographs from a historic moment in tech news history, the day a Gizmodo reporter published hands-on pics of the then-not-yet-announced iPhone 4, are now missing.

  • iFixit released transparent rear panels for the iPhone 4 several months ago, which put the surprisingly attractive innards of Apple's smartphone on display.

  • After being profusely impacted by Consumer Reports' decision to recommend against buying the iPhone 4 due to those Antennagate issues, the entity has allowed all in Cupertino to breath a sigh of .

  • Rumors about the iPhone 14 started popping up online before the iPhone 13 was announced — and though we don’t yet know what Apple has planned, there’s enough info floating around .

  • Apple has released iOS 4.

  • By Claudine Beaumont 01 November 2010 • 11:14am A software bug with the iPhone 4 alarm app meant that scores of people were woken an hour later than intended this morning Users of Apple’s .

  • A new Digitimes report claims Apple is looking to boost iPhone production by 30% in the first half of next year, and is targeting the sale of 300M devices in 2022.

  • I am sure they will release an adapter for the 5 that will work with the smoothee.

  • GARY C No, it fits by friction so is molded to conform to the exact dimensions of the iPhone 4/4s.

  • DongleBookPro says Apple was allegedly trying to keep iPhone 4 details from leaking and used the Deathstar logo on the back to try and trick would-be leakers that it was a knock-off Star Wars .