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  • The Phone X is the best upgrade from Apple in seven years.

  • This is the best-looking iPhone since the iPhone 4 and it’s certainly one of the best-looking gadgets out there.

  • there are still those who love the square-sided design of the classic design first introduced with the iPhone 4, and who prefer the more pocketable size.

  • GIF animations are all the rage these days, thanks to Instagram that decided to launch GIF into stardom with its Boomerang app.

  • The iPhone X is one of the most successful iPhone models released in the last few years, or at least that’s what early figures show, with Apple Stores once again being flooded with orders and people who’re walking in praying to find the device in stock.

  • Randy Holmes—ABC via Getty Images By Billy Perrigo November 8, 2017 Jimmy Kimmel just tested how far Apple fans are willing to go to believe the hype around the new iPhone X.

  • Performance is one thing that you never have to worry about in a new iPhone, as Apple's custom chips stay far ahead of the competition, and have been doing so for some time.

  • Display and Camera iPhone 7 features a 4.

  • Download SWOP for iOS [App Store link] Sync for Fitbit – Regular price $4.