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  • Republicans have sought to put Democrats on the defensive about the issue ahead of November by pointing to record numbers of illegal border crossings.

  • President Joe Biden has launched a new program to streamline the asylum process for migrants arriving in the US, but it has already been slammed by both pro-immigration lawyers and Border Patrol .

  • CNN anchor John Avlon called out the state of Florida for allegedly needing migrants to aid in hurricane cleanup after its GOP leaders relocated them weeks earlier.

  • Mass.

  • Immigration attorneys complain the mandate which took effect Monday involving mostly routine scheduling hearings "Is putting everyone at risk.

  • Last Friday's gubernatorial debate between Republican Gov.

  • It reflects the fact that inflammatory rhetoric can have deadly consequences.

  • Federal immigration authorities made arrests at two restaurants in Woburn Tuesday morning, according to media reports.

  • A record flow of immigration could allow the Bank of Canada to start cutting interest rates before its “peers,” according to a report from Capital Economics.

  • Every day at Concord High School, Emily Francis teaches students how to learn English while connecting to experiences they have lived through.

  • Republican incumbent Ken Paxton is locked in a tight race for a third term against Democratic challenger Rochelle Garza.

  • Quebec Premier Francois Legault, who campaigned to protect the French language and cap immigration, was set for a second term on Monday with a thumping election victory in the Canadian province, .