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  • Border Patrol encounters at the U.

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  • Former President Bill Clinton admitted a change was needed to New York's "right to shelter" law after the Biden administration's border policies sent more than 100,000 immigrants to New York City.

  • Immigration has not spiraled out of control on Biden's watch.

  • Borders and the rule of law matter.

  • The final numbers will not be released by the Department of Homeland Security for weeks, but Bill Melugin reported this Saturday there were over 260,000 immigrants apprehended at the southwest border .

  • Home secretary says Tories were ‘too squeamish’ in past to deal with immigration properly from fear of being called racist .

  • The following is an editorial from the Mankato Free Press.

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  • Immigration has emerged as a key wedge issue that may cost the Democrats the White House and their U.

  • Australia will address significant abuses of its visa system, the government said on Thursday, in a bid to crack down on human trafficking and other forms of organised crime.

  • Although their last-minute proposal (which also included significant cuts in other federal spending) was not accepted, Congress is long overdue for comprehensive action on immigration.