News related to gun laws


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  • If you go to the gun show and rent a table to sell your private collection, that’s legal.

  • Throughout the month of November, LGBTQ groups across the country have been honoring the lives of transgender Americans.

  • Following another egregious shooting, media, politicians, and celebrities are demanding that we again discuss gun control.

  • Keidel: Minnesota Vikings Serve NoticeThe stifling Vikings defense shut down the high-flying Rams, helping the team keep pace with the Eagles for playoff home-field advantage.

  • Republican Sen.

  • Re: "Trump accepts Putin's sincerity — President says he believes our intel agencies, but is working hard 'to get along with Russia,'" Nov.

  • Last week a gunman killed 26 and wounded 20 in a Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

  • Scott Houldieson had something of a captive audience last week as he passed out fliers for Saturday's Common Sense Gun Law protest in Hammond during UAW 551's union hall Turkey Drive.

  • A gun control advocate says New Zealand's failure to register firearms places our gun laws "almost alone with the United States".

  • In November 2017, a number of dubious web sites published articles trumpeting the claim that the California Senate passed a law exempting legislators from the state’s own gun control laws.