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  • John Lorinc (@johnlorinc) is a Toronto-based journalist who writes about politics and urban affairs.

  • SANTA FE, Texas — Texas leaders were starting off a difficult week Monday following the Santa Fe High School shooting that left 10 dead by staking out vastly different positions on the future of gun control in the state and the nation.

  • Washington (CNN)Just days after a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, claimed 10 lives, some Democratic lawmakers want to call attention back to gun control, an issue that has consistently struggled to gain traction on Capitol Hill.

  • Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner told CNN's State of the Union that he doesn't think "there's a single piece of legislation" that could have prevented last week's horrible killing at a Texas high school, adding that a more holistic "series of .

  • Students rally in front of the White House to protest gun violence in March.

  • (CNN)In the wake of Friday's deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School, Texas Gov.

  • Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo spoke out against inaction on gun control on May 20.

  • Over the last year or so Teen Vogue has shifted their focus from pop culture, make up and the latest fashions to talking about political issues.

  • Obama’s Ed.