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  • THE NEXT BIG BATTLES ON CAPITOL HILL -- And you thought the shutdown fight was crazy.

  • On Friday, another mass public shooting occurred in yet another gun-free zone.

  • Marcus Johnson Charged With Murder Of T.

  • On Thursday, the Illinois State Police detailed how the shooter that attacked an Aurora factory last week was able to have a firearm despite being a convicted felon.

  • The House is set to vote on legislation next week to enhance background checks for gun purchases, as Democrats seek to move quickly on a top priority since taking the majority.

  • Political action committees, or PACs, that are tied to physicians' groups in the United States have contributed more money to politicians who oppose certain gun control laws than to those in .

  • The sheriff in New Mexico's most populous county is joining colleagues from more rural areas in pushing back against sweeping gun-control proposals pending before the state Legislature ALBUQUERQUE, N.

  • (Daily Wire) A 23-year-old Washington state resident was arrested earlier this month after posting threatening messages to cops on Facebook.

  • Jaydin Ledford, 23, is facing federal charges after investigators said he threatened to kill sheriff’s deputies in Washington state.

  • There was an amazing event in U.

  • The first and last Pittsburgh mayor to sit in jail while in office was Joseph Barker, a Know-Nothing Party nativist extremist who really hated Catholics and who was arrested in 1849 for inciting a rio.

  • came under fire from local residents and gun control activists last year following instances of gun violence around the country.