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  • “Globalization” has become the bugaboo of populist politicians from Warsaw to Washington.

  • Moon put it this way: “A company of this size choosing to list in Hong King sends the message that Chinese companies don’t necessarily need to seek an American IPO to succeed.

  • It has become an accepted truism of the digital era that social media lies at the root of our increasingly toxic Web.

  • As globalization slows down, names like Visa, Mastercard and PayPal are emerging as "national champions," according to Morgan Stanley equity analyst James E.

  • U.

  • Holi Hemp, a subsidiary of India Globalization Capital, Inc.

  • Trumpian economic nationalism is a zero-sum game in which the industries of the future are dominated either by China or by the United States.

  • In 2011, Dani Rodrik in his book The Globalization Paradox wrote: “Historically, large trade imbalances have created large fertile ground for protectionism.

  • There are trends and megatrends in foreign affairs, and globalization — a growing hyper-interconnectedness across borders — falls clearly into the latter category.

  • Globalization is in trouble.