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  • Should Consumers Be Worried About Genetically Modified Food? Genetically modified wheat that had not been approved for public consumption was recently found in a farmer's field in Oregon .

  • “Genetically Modified Food Market” Insights 2022 By Types (Rice, Soybean, Corn, Other), Applications (Food and Drinks, Animal Food, Other), Regions and Forecast to 2028.

  • An extensive study offering forecast assessment on Global Genetically Modified Food (GMO) Market has recently been released by Kenneth research, which is a platform containing market research .

  • Theinsightpartners Publish a New Market Research Report On –”Genetically Modified Foods Market Forecast to 2028 – Covid-19 Impact and Global Analysis – by Type (Fruits, Vegetables .

  • Origin Agritech could once again be worth a small speculative investment, with two potential catalysts to drive substantial growth.

  • The Food and Drug Administration recently determined .

  • Cowpea, popularly known in Ghana as beans, has been described by tertiary students as a “saviour”, not only due to its affordability, but also because of its great taste.

  • Cases of fraud or alleged fraud have caused uncertainty and mistrust among some consumers in an industry that relies largely on the honesty of producers, processors and packagers to maintain the .

  • A food crisis is no excuse to risk the environment and the economy for genetically modified (GM) crops, Stop Golden Rice Network (SGRN) says.

  • Sharad Pawar, the Union agriculture minister from 2004 to 2014, said that India has lately become complacent and has started neglecting the developments in science, particularly new genetics and breed .

  • The population of monarch butterflies is in decline as a result of the destruction of their host plant, milkweed, due to pesticide use.

  • The Thai government has announced several updates to the national food labelling regulations with food firms required to declare any use of genetically modified ingredients on food labels.