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  • "We previously did not have a common genetic risk factor specific to the disease," Dr.

  • In a study of more than 220,000 people, 12 genetic variants were strongly associated with hip pain, a discovery that could improve treatments .

  • Nearly half the embryos studied underwent developmental arrest because of genetic mishaps in early development -; a revealing insight that suggests more IVF babies could come to term with changes in .

  • The reasons why people attempt suicide are complex and include external triggers like trauma and stress, as well as inherited genetic factors.

  • You might wonder, “Will I develop those same issues, or potentially pass them down?” So, should you consider genetic testing? Here are three big signs you might want to consider it for your heart .

  • Researchers from WEHI in Australia have discovered a genetic variation present in up to 3% of the global population that heightens the risk of inflammation through a mechanism termed 'explosive' cell .

  • Researchers have developed a scalable AI-based approach that makes use of genetic studies that include people of different ethnic backgrounds and could one day help address health disparities .

  • Gabe Bankman-Fried, a top lobbyist for FTX, attempted to purchase the island of Nauru so that he could construct a bunker and develop a lab for 'human genetic enhancement.

  • A team of horticulturists, genealogists and germplasm specialists affiliated with multiple institutions in China, working with two colleagues from the U.

  • MSU said genetic rescue is an increase in population size caused by the movement of new genetic material from one population to another through either human-assisted intervention or natural migration.

  • Commercial whaling in the 20th century decimated populations of large whales but also appears to have had a lasting impact on the genetic diversity of today’s surviving whales, new research shows.

  • The initiative will protect genetic diversity for current and future recovery efforts.