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  • Here, the thorny issue of defining what crosses the line between strongly-voiced, but legitimate opinion and hate speech that is a criminal act is coming to a head, with the Government set to bring .

  • In red states, women’s options and speech are being dramatically constrained by the misogynist laws that have sprung into effect since the reversal of Roe v Wade .

  • It's not every day the US Supreme Court is graced with a brief from a party describing itself as "the single most powerful and influential organization in human history.

  • Even after threats to his family and growing political division, the comedian tells IndieWire he still believes people are empathetic at their core.

  • Best-selling Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie gives her BBC Reith Lecture on "Freedom of Speech".

  • Freedom of speech is an absolute priority.

  • Even some of the most loyal Kremlin propagandists on Russian state TV are appearing to criticize the country's leadership amid growing signs of dissent in Russia in the wake of military reverses in .

  • Hate speech, based on suspicion, violence and hostility between religious communities, is directly antithetical to Gandhiji’s core beliefs.

  • The order has invoked sharp criticism from the Opposition.

  • VideoLAN asserts it’s therefore not been treated fairly and wants that to change.

  • In the following days after National Constitution Day, Saturday, Sept.

  • Pierce County Superior Court has charged a 21-year-old man with a felony for revealing the identity of an undercover Tacoma police detective.