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Because your opinion matters

  • Many left-of-center professors now realize that they too can be brutally canceled by the mob.

  • Two fine principles freedom of speech and its cousin, intellectual freedom are gaining ground in Australian universities.

  • Double standards are the norm in the debate over women and trans rights, and immigration policy .

  • Paul Carson said he never would have hesitated to speak out at a school board meeting about any issue affecting his .

  • There are several instances that some people fail to remember, where freedom of speech can be limited, and such cases may be: hate speech, incitement, and endangering the reputation of others.

  • Hello, America.

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  • The two journalists — one in Russia, the other in the Philippines — have persevered in the face of fierce government criticism.

  • An independent bookstore in Katy has responded to Katy ISD’s removal of author Jerry Craft’s critically acclaimed children’s books by promoting his work in the store- and offering discounts to anyone .

  • A Shawnee Heights school board candidate says she was exercising her right to freedom of speech when she drew ties between the Holocaust and mask mandates in a recorded .

  • The rules of the private group chat platform dictate, and private or not, the platform's rules apply and presumably allow them the discretion to suspend and delete accounts, investigate users and .