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  • "Paternity leave is for pussies," she allegedly told a male senior VP who planned to take two weeks off following the birth of his child.

  • The employee, who sought paid time off after contracting coronavirus, mistakenly tied her request to the FMLA, the court said.

  • One employer recently granted an FMLA accommodation, but landed in court anyway when a manager didn't follow the terms of the agreement.

  • With a difficult 2020 nearing its end, if Connecticut Paid FMLA has recently reappeared on your radar, don’t fret! Simply review the below basics to prepare for this upcoming change.

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  • Entering the year 2020, none of us would have predicted, or envisioned, the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic would have on our lives, health, families and workplaces.

  • In early 2017, he began to exhibit health issues such that he discussed with Lincoln the possibility of some sort of medical leave (possibly FMLA) at that time.

  • The federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) became effective in 1993.

  • But, because of the family’s first coronavirus response act, workers only have to be employed 30 days before they are eligible for FMLA.