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  • The companies said they were reviewing China’s punitive new national security law for the city, a rare public questioning of Chinese policy by major American tech companies.

  • Google, Facebook Inc.

  • "We're simply asking them to ensure that people are safe and our democracy is protected," NAACP CEO Derrick Johnson said ahead of a meeting with Facebook top brass.

  • When Hong Kong passed its shiny new national security law last week, the city’s authorities were probably expecting a bit of pushback from the locals, who’ve called the new regime everything from .

  • Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg told CNBC he paused advertising with Facebook because content appearing adjacent to Verizon ads was negatively affecting the image of the Verizon brand.

  • The advertising industry and civil rights organizations have teamed to ratchet up pressure on the social media giant, but the company is holding firm.

  • Facebook and its popular WhatsApp messaging service are putting a hold on what information they share with Hong Kong law enforcement, as the company reviews a sweeping new security law from Beijing.

  • The CEOs of US tech giants Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon are set to appear at an antitrust hearing on July 27.

  • Facebook, Google and Twitter said Monday they have put a hold on requests by Hong Kong's government or police force for information on users, following China's imposition of a sweeping new security .

  • Here’s what you need to know.

  • However, Facebook, Google and Twitter do generate revenue from selling advertising to Chinese clients.

  • Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram will deny law enforcement requests for user data in Hong Kong as they assess the impact of a new national security law enacted last week.