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  • These muscles are called vocal cords, or vocal folds, and their vibrations form the foundations of the human voice.

  • With psychological training on the rise, Real Madrid assistant coach Davide Ancelotti explains how he sees its future in football.

  • A recent article published in Transplant Infectious Disease examined case reports on SARS-CoV-2 evolution in immunosuppressed cohorts.

  • A study published recently in Nature Ecology and Evolution has unveiled some of the key processes in marine microbial evolution.

  • Throughout the hit E! show's 20 years on TV, the KarJenner sister has started Kylie Cosmetics, become a mother, and appeared in a music video.

  • The Voice Over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) market is also based on primary and secondary research.

  • A research team led by André Marques at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research in Cologne, Germany, has uncovered the profound effects of an atypical mode of chromosome arrangement on .

  • While it has always referred to nimble, fleet-footed dancing, the imagery associated with the phrase "tripping the light fantastic" is a matter of profound disagreement.

  • A new study into the neurons found in the earliest-diverging animal lineages reveals key clues about the form of the most ancestral nervous system, and how neurons first evolved.

  • The actor, who starred as Barney Stinson for the nine-season sitcom, spoke to GQ about adoring his "amazing" and "talented" costar.

  • Immersive, Three-Part 'EMBARK with NCL Episode' Premieres Aug.