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  • The Center for African American History, Art & Culture, and the City of Aiken will host Aiken’s 2023 Juneteenth Celebration Monday, June 19 through Saturday, June 24.

  • Here's everything to know about Juneteenth, including when it is, why we celebrate it and the 2023 Cincinnati Juneteenth festival.

  • After decades of being celebrated at mostly the local level, Juneteenth – the long-standing holiday that commemorates the arrival of news of emancipation and freedom to enslaved Black people in .

  • Juneteenth is Monday, June 19th.

  • Emancipation Day, Jubilee Day or Black Independence Day.

  • Lafayette leaders and the Southwest Louisiana Juneteenth Committee marked the official launch of this year’s Juneteenth celebrations with a flag-raising ceremony Friday morning.

  • He can do it by setting the negro free.

  • Juneteenth is considered the longest-running African-American holiday, being honored in African-American communities each year since 1866.

  • The Juneteenth Family Fun Day is Saturday, June 10th, from 11 a.

  • Despite June 19 being designated as a national holiday, Illinois law allows local municipalities to decide whether to recognize the day.

  • Juneteenth is a federally-recognized American holiday observed on June 19.