News related to earmarks


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  • The Marin Agricultural Land Trust will seek private donations to match the county’s contribution and cover the $2.

  • This shouldn’t have to be spelled out but it appears that it needs to be: Lawmakers need to follow state budget law.

  • A Brief History" tracks the history of earmarks from the early opposition by the Founding Fathers through to the present.

  • The reason: Congress is yet again diverting money to pet projects known as "earmarks.

  • Mahoning County is putting more of its share of American Rescue Plan dollars to work fixing some storm alert sirens.

  • Finance minister says scheme may run on after end of February, but government is making ‘no commitments longer than six months’ as yet .

  • The legislation earmarks billions of dollars to fight inflation, lower healthcare costs, raise IRS funding and fund green energy technologies.

  • WASHINGTON, (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Today, Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) released “All About Earmarks: A Brief History.