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  • It was a scene reminiscent of Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock blockbuster Speed.

  • Seattle is also the home-town of Zoox's parent company Amazon, which bought Zoox in June 2020 for a reported $1.

  • Taking a deep dive into the Waymo self-driving cars that went up a dead-end in San Francisco and became a big news item of the week.

  • Snow added to steep hills would likely make things tough for drivers, especially semi-truck drivers trying to navigate the high country.

  • The Bitcoin bulls are racing again.

  • A new study reveals the significant payoff (and penalties) associated with customer experience quality in today's marketplace.

  • Zoox, the robotaxi company acquired by Amazon last year, plans to start testing its autonomous driving technology in Seattle for the first time this month, after focusing its testing on Las Vegas .

  • Enthusiasm from individual traders is reshaping the market for nuclear fuel that generates a tenth of the world’s electricity and sending uranium-linked stocks higher.

  • A lack of truck drivers is partially behind lengthy delivery delays in the U.

  • Waymo's autonomous cars keep showing up in a dead-end street in a quiet part of San Francisco, causing residents there to wonder what on earth is going on.

  • World temperatures will rise 3C if listed companies do nothing to change their current projected emissions, new research suggests, underlining the difficulty of trying to invest sustainably in .