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  • We live in a time where you can find everything online.

  • Unfortunately I could only find a one minute clip of the boarding music online (if anyone knows of a longer clip or a way to download the song, please let me know): The song is brilliant — it’s soothing and highlights a local composer, and that’s a .

  • After that you simply use iTunes as you would before, ripping or downloading music and placing it into the playlist or playlists you want synced.

  • Distributors are the middlemen that are the conduit between your music and a digital download store or streaming service.

  • Within UMG’s recorded-music revenue for the quarter, streaming rose 27.

  • The stars of “Pitch Perfect 3” and the Top 12 contestants on this season of “The Voice” will appear in a full-length music video.

  • Happy because I can be having a conversation with friends, someone can reference a song I don't know and while the conversation is happening, I can download that tune.

  • If you don’t want to stream and use your cellular data, you can download anything from Apple Music and listen to it right from your phone.

  • and music streaming services.

  • Pianist Jenny Lin’s commitment to new music and to working closely with leading composers of the 21 st century shines through on her latest release for the Steinway & Sons label, Philip Glass’s Complete Etudes for Solo Piano.