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  • This contains 1,673 MIDI chords that are said to be suitable for use in your EDM, future bass, R&B, hip-hop, chillwave and other productions.

  • That would be a free download of a lengthy new track, the theme for the upcoming Grasp of Avarice dungeon, the main component of the paid $25 Anniversary Pack.

  • As it previously promised, Sonos is today rolling out support for Ultra HD and Dolby Atmos tracks from Amazon Music Unlimited.

  • This week's download comes from the UK producer Common Saints and his new EP "Starchild.

  • The release candidate for iOS 15.

  • The big problem: While it was released as a free download in 2017, it’s not available on streaming .

  • Apple Music’s Voice Plan lets you enjoy the benefits of a commercial-free music streaming service at a relatively affordable price of $4.

  • Here's what you need to know about YouTube's Spotify Unwrapped rival, which lets you see your top artists, songs, videos and playlists from this year.

  • And here when I thought iOS 15.

  • The clip features marionette figures made by Tony Sinnett, who conceived the idea along with Costello himself.

  • The high-spirited video channels retro style with ’70s aesthetics, bright colors, lava lamps, record players, and more! “Love Away The Lonely” was premiered by Sounds Like Nashville and is available .

  • Universal Music Group N.