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  • Scott Morrison has managed to flaunt his power through severing ties with France over submarines and overlooking the Christian Porter scandal writes Dr J .

  • Chris Christie, Karl Rove and Mike Pompeo — known for shady political dealings — are helping lead the charge on GOP gerrymandering.

  • Some voters were at the Weber Street polling station to support their candidate for Kitchener Centre.

  • Vilified as enemies of the people, judges have cast off their robes, hired a minibus and gone on a nation-wide road trip to explain why they’re defending the rule of law .

  • Challenges to one-person one-vote are everywhere.

  • Through a bevy of bills and rule changes, Georgia Republicans are trying to codify the essential goal of the Jan.

  • We are one America split into two almost completely separate media worlds.

  • The Washington Post's Carol Leonnig and The Wall Street Journal's Michael Bender talk about the revelations from a new book about Donald Trump.

  • He spoke at a "Stop the Steal" rally at a time when our democracy was under attack.

  • Some extremist groups warned followers to stay clear of Saturday's "Justice for J6" rally.

  • Hong Kong’s largest pro-democracy labor organization said it plans to disband amid growing concern that it will be targeted by the government for allegedly violating the national security law.

  • Students and lecturers at Hong Kong's most prestigious university returned from summer break this month to a very different institution.