News related to death


Because your opinion matters

  • A couple from Utah has been arrested and charged with murder and child abuse following the death of the woman’s 13-day-old baby.

  • It's been a tough few weeks for the Florida Gators.

  • The challenges continue to mount for the 3-3 Gators and coach Jim McElwain, who has weathered suspensions, injuries and much worse he revealed Monday: death threats.

  • A Canadian man died from a possible fatal allergic reaction to walnut particles that were being used as an abrasive in sandblasting.

  • Eric Bolling said Monday it was "beyond inappropriate" for Bill O'Reilly to say his son died because of the sexual-harassment allegations against him.

  • "It was a football play," according to the head of high school officials in Arizona.

  • Authorities arrested a 19-year-old Waukegan man over the weekend in connection with aSaturday shooting death in unincorporated Grayslake, according to the Lake County sheriff's office.

  • "Apologies to Eric Bolling and prayers for him and his family.

  • Florida coach Jim McElwain can handle the heat, the hate and even the harassment.

  • What happened to Sherin Mathews? Do you really have to ask? I'm not trying to get ahead of the official investigation here, not assuming details that haven't yet been uncovered or disclosed by Richardson police.