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  • President Biden and Vice President Harris told a task force "extremist Republicans" and the Supreme court's Dobbs ruling are creating a "health care crisis.

  • Europe may fear an energy crisis over the coming winter, but for Iraqis an unstable power supply and frequent blackouts have been a reality during decades of war and turmoil.

  • Residents in northern Kenya are suffering from a hunger crisis, as livestock and crops die from the country’s worst drought in decades.

  • Although it’s early in the process for a post-mortem, any analysis of what the mayor was thinking when he got into the migrant mess must consider the imbalance between his tall ambition and his .

  • A judge dismissed charges against seven people in the Flint water scandal that exposed tens of thousands in Michigan to dangerous levels of lead .

  • A Michigan judge threw out felony charges Tuesday against seven people in the Flint water scandal, including two former state health officials blamed for deaths from Legionnaires' disease.

  • Charges have been dropped against seven people who had been implicated in the Flint water crisis.

  • The mayor of Périers, Gabriel Daube, said buying fleeces for schoolkids aims to help them cope with lower temperatures in classrooms this winter.

  • A group of energy experts warned GOP lawmakers against "blindly" following the European Union's climate policies, noting the bloc's major crisis pushing consumer prices higher.

  • Report finds giving was already stagnating before donors were hit this year with declining asset values and elevated inflation.

  • Analysis: Central Asia Faces a Russian Migrant Crisis Central Asia Faces a Russian Migrant Crisi.

  • Right now, the county has a partnership with Jefferson County to make use of their resources, but those are not exactly close or timely in the event they need to respond to an emergency like Glass's.