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  • Civil War re-enactors bring history to life, sharing their portrayals of civilians, soldiers and famous statesmen.

  • When the National Rifle Association needed more legal firepower in New York state last year, the gun rights group brought aboard an unlikely lawyer: a Democrat who had no experience in Second .

  • So let’s keep an eye out for political fallout as the GOP, long the party in power in Texas, endures escalating intramural warfare that could do the Texas Republican Party more damage than the Texas .

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  • Is global warming to blame for the Syrian war? Democratic presidential candidates Pete Buttigieg, Beto O'Rourke and Bernie Sanders seem to think so.

  • Civil War veteran's grave among those vandalized at Winterset cemetery Winterset police have asked for the public's help after the damage was discovered Sunday.

  • Key point: The U.


  • Irvington High School history teacher Chris Barry at the monument of the 65th New York Volunteer Infantry.

  • A couple combing a South Carolina beach after Hurricane Dorian thought they'd discovered a large rock, but soon realized they'd stumbled upon two Civil War-era cannonballs lodged in the sand.

  • Remnants of a Civil War battle in Independence, Missouri, were uncovered earlier this week by a local tree service that deemed an old tree needed to be taken apart for safety purposes.

  • We all know this.