News related to bullying


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  • Student was victim to "verbal insults, physical assaults and sexual battery" over the past school year during "Hell Day," a lawsuit alleges.

  • The study comes days after an investigation showed Facebook understands the negative impact Instagram is having on children but is doing nothing to stop it.

  • A lawsuit filed in the Third Judicial District Court in Louisiana alleges a student was bullied and sexually assaulted at a private school in Ruston.

  • Days after school districts in Kentucky assumed full control over their own masking policies, the vast majority of those districts have chosen to continue mandates already in place.

  • Erin Popolo is running for a BOE seat after her daughter Emily "fell through the cracks.

  • A lawsuit filed in state district court Wednesday against Cedar Creek School by a Ruston couple on behalf of their son alleges he was the victim of "verbal insults, physical assaults and sexual .

  • Education officials in France have spoken out against a new cyber-bullying trend targeting children who were born in 2010.

  • Trevor Project's annual survey finds LGBTQ youth are less likely to play sports, even as lawmakers mull bills restricting transgender girls.

  • This type of behavior is unacceptable, and it will not be tolerated,” Jefferson County Superintendent Walter Gonsoulin said.

  • NBC News’ “Southlake” podcast explores a Texas school district’s battle over teaching critical race theory in its classrooms, yet the town’s issues don’t stop at conflicts surrounding race.

  • TIME spoke with the Rodemeyers ahead of the ten year anniversary of Jamey’s death about their son’s life and legacy, and the progress yet to be made.