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  • Subscription platform Fanvue is facing criticism for “Miss AI,” the first-ever beauty pageant for AI-generated influencers.

  • In a contest sponsored by Fanvue, models and influencers crafted from artificial intelligence can now jockey for the title "Miss AI.

  • The inaugural competition, created by Ms.

  • Most modern pageants have moved away from being modeling competitions that assess superficial beauty.

  • They’re all real beauties, faux show.

  • Aryn Wright Thompson uses her platform as a beauty pageant competitor to spread God’s word and bring his kingdom to earth.

  • Miss AI is a beauty pageant for AI models, who will be judged on their aesthetic qualities and influence on social media.

  • THE world’s first artificial intelligence-generated beauty pageant is not receiving the alluring praise from techies that the event’s creators hoped for.

  • Now and then an innovative beauty contest is initiated, but the latest being, "Miss AI", the very first beauty contest ever held for AI powered models.

  • The Fanvue World AI Creator Awards (WAICAs) has launched Miss AI, and it's exactly what it sounds like: a musty antiquated beauty pageant but for AI bots.

  • WAICA's pageant marks a significant milestone in the world of artificial intelligence, aiming to celebrate the accomplishments of AI creators globally.

  • VILLUPURAM: In a vibrant celebration of inclusivity and tradition, the district hosted the 21st edition of the annual Koovagam beauty pageant on Monday.