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  • Prosecution of WikiLeaks founder seen as "threat to press freedom around the globe" after revelation of CIA plot .

  • A group of civil liberties and human rights organizations are urging Attorney General Merrick Garland to drop the criminal prosecution of Julian Assange in light of what it called a “shocking” Yahoo .

  • "A precedent created by prosecuting Assange could be used against publishers and journalists alike, chilling their work and undermining freedom of the press," wrote 25 press freedom groups.

  • In February, members of this coalition wrote to the Acting Attorney General, urging that the criminal charges against Mr.

  • Assange is a Journalist Who Did What Journalists Do - Eric Harvey: Senators of the G.

  • These are just a few of the greetings heard in the halls of LEAP High School every day.

  • The joint letter urges the U.

  • As Wikileaks founder Julian Assange faces court for possibly the last time and 175 years prison in the US, global media is strangely apathetic .

  • What’s it like raising two boys when their father is wanted by the US? The partner of the WikiLeaks founder tells her story .

  • He has been isolated, tortured, denied due process, denied medical treatment and more, and we're letting it happen.

  • Stella Moris, the once-secret paramour of Julian Assange, describes a bizarre world of international intrigue and personal paranoia in a new interview.

  • In their celebration of press freedom, the Nobel Committee selected two journalists who have never challenged the interests of the major imperialist powers and who have spent their entire careers in .