News related to animal cruelty


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  • Military leaders at Nellis Air Force base recently announced finding the mutilated remains of at least four cats, indicating someone with psychotic tendencies may be on the loose.

  • One trait the alleged perpetrators in both cases share in common is a propensity for animal cruelty.

  • A complaint filed by the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) against a Bertie County woman has led to her arrest.

  • James Nix Jr.

  • Two Costco shareholders have filed a lawsuit accusing the chain of engaging in animal cruelty in order to sell cheap rotisserie chickens to its customers.

  • BEAVER − A Baden woman will face trial for animal cruelty-related charges after her dog died from complications of heatstroke.

  • According to charging documents, the home was covered in dog feces and urine, and the living conditions were not sanitary or safe for animals or humans.

  • A 48-year-old Isabella County man was arrested on criminal sexual conduct and animal abuse charges on Wednesday.

  • A man arrested in March on accusations of killing dogs in various Austin hotel rooms received a returned indictment for three counts of cruelty to a non-livestock animal Monday.

  • In wake of the recent act of violence against dogs, we asked local animal shelter directors if they are seeing an uptick in abuse cases.

  • Iowa law prohibits prosecutors from filing felony animal abuse charges against first time offenders, according to a Northwest Iowa shelter and the Animal Rescue League.