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  • A 51-year-old felon who breached a secured part of John Wayne Airport last month was sentenced to prison this week for crimes that left flights grounded and travelers stranded on the tarmac while he .

  • The researchers, from the University of Cambridge in the U.

  • During the arrest at San Jose-MIneta International Airport, the man allegedly told police he had swallowed an explosive device, and that there was another one in his car.

  • CLEVELAND – Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers prevented two handguns from being carried onboard an airplane at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) in the past five days.

  • Johnny Howard Hecker was sentenced to two years in prison immediately after pleading guilty to felony counts of theft with a prior conviction and vandalism, along with a misdemeanor count of .

  • Transportation Security Administration officers found two handguns in traveler’s carry-on luggage in the last week, according to a TSA media release.

  • OSAC is a partnership between the U.

  • Airports looked different on 9/11 and several days after.

  • Airline workers and Transportation Security Administration staff have been granted a grace period to comply with a Hawaii order that requires people going to state facilities like airports to show .

  • Is a 9/11 style attack still possible? The answer to that question is yes, it is,” said retired Federal Aviation Administration special agent Brian Sullivan.

  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers stopped two handguns from being carried onboard airplanes at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in the past five days, according to a Monday .