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  • Now, through collaborative efforts with institutions and zoos throughout Indiana, one zoo is undertaking captive breeding.

  • The zoo said the 49-year-old gorilla is one of the oldest female gorillas in a global database that shows age distribution of gorillas from many zoos around the world.

  • One of my earlier memories from my childhood is visiting the Frankfurt zoo in Germany.

  • According to the zoo, there are fewer than 500 Sumatran tigers like Berani, and about 200 of them live in zoos as part of a worldwide conservation effort.

  • Officials said that the exhibit - located in the southern part of the zoo behind the Animal Hospital and Train Station – includes giraffes that were born in the United States and come from other zoos in Florida, South Carolina and San Diego.

  • On Saturday, Ambika will celebrate her 70th birthday like most people do, with cake and surrounded by friends.

  • A giant panda feeding on the bark of tree at the Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries, China.

  • In recent years, the role of zoos and aquaria as centres for conservation, education, and entertainment has been placed under scrutiny.

  • GARDENS and zoos saw the most significant growth in visitors of all English tourist attractions last year, according to VisitEngland.

  • Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde receives funding from NSERC for training program involving graduate students working with zoos and aquariums.