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  • While Facebook is doing everything in its power to make it a safe place for brands and users, it's impossible to completely weed out crime and violence on its platform, global head of sales Carolyn Everson told CNBC.

  • Ricky Brooks is perhaps the most interesting man in grassroots racing.

  • PLAINFIELD, IL — With Independence Day only a couple weeks away, the Plainfield Police Department would like to remind all village residents that fireworks are illegal in the Village.

  • KAI-USA Ltd.

  • A few weeks ago when a lawmaker of the ruling party threatened the judges and their families, there was unanimous outrage.

  • CAL Fire Marshal, Sacramento Fire Department Chief and the Sacramento County DA talk at a press conference about the zero tolerance policy for illegal fireworks.

  • Big, big day in the House and Senate Education Committee meetings tomorrow.

  • Bristol Zero Tolerance aims to tackle all aspects surrounding gender-based violence.

  • America’s birthday celebration is going to be a lot quieter in Vancouver this summer.

  • The horrific nature of Timothy Piazza's death, has further catalyzed a universal understanding that enough is enough.